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Cape Cod Lighthouses   
A message from the keeper 
of the lights.. " Watts Up?"



Wood End Lighthouse  Provincetown, MA
At the end of the breakwater and to your right
Wood End Light c. 1880
From the collection of Edward Rowe Snow, courtesy of 
Dorothy Bicknell

Wood End Light
Entrance to Provincetown Harbor
Provincetown, MA  02657

Location: West End of Provincetown

Accessibility: The lighthouse is not open to
the public, 
but the property can be reached by foot 
across the breakwater 
from Provincetown's West End. The facility: 
This lighthouse is an 
active U.S. Coast Guard aid to navigation. 
Station established and 
present lighthouse built in 1872. Fog signal 
is a horn 
(originally a bell), one blast every 30 seconds

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Cleveland Ledge Light
Cleveland Ledge Channel
Buzzard's Bay, MA  02532

Cleveland Ledge Light
Cleveland Ledge Channel
Buzzard's Bay, MA  02532

Location: Cleveland Ledge Channel, Buzzards Bay
Open: The lighthouse is not open to the public 
and is best viewed by boat. The facility: Active 
U.S. Coast Guard aid to navigation. Station 
established and current lighthouse tower built 
in 1943. Light flashes white every 10 seconds 
and fog signal is one blast every 15 seconds.



Cape Cod Light  -Golf Course right next door

Highland Light on Cape Cod National Seashore
Highland Road
North Truro, MA  02652
Phone: 508-487-1121

Location: Cape Cod National Seashore, east side 
of Cape Cod

Open: The grounds are open year-round; the 
lighthouse is open from May 1 to late October. 
Directions: From the south, take State Route 6 
and turn right east on Highland Road. Watch for 
signs to Highland (Cape Cod) Light. Follow the 
signs to the lighthouse.
The facility: The building houses an Interpretive 
Room where guests can watch a 10-minute 
video showing the history of the lighthouse. 
An observation deck is located at the edge of a 
cliff 120 feet above Atlantic Ocean.  
Guided tours of the lighthouse tower are offered 
by the Truro Historical Society daily from 10 a.m. 
until 5:30 p.m. This lighthouse is an active 
U.S. Coast Guard aid to navigation, owned by 
Cape Cod National Seashore. 
Built in 1797 and reconstructed in 1857, 
Cape Cod Highland Lighthouse is the oldest and 
highest lighthouse.

Race Point Light
Race Point Road
Provincetown, MA  02657
Phone: 508-487-9930

Location: Provincetown's Northern tip of Cape Cod

Open: Public tours on May 19, 20; June 2, 16; 
July 7, 21; 
August 4, 18; September 1, 15; October 6. The 
grounds are open year-round. Accessibility: 
Visitors can reach the lighthouse by parking at 
Race Point Beach and walking to the lighthouse 
(about 45 minutes). Visitors can also use own 
four-wheel drive vehicle or Contact Provincetown 
dune tour operators.

The facility: Gift shop is open. The keeper's 
house is available for overnight stays from 
Spring through Fall. Over-sand transportation to 
the lighthouse is offered free to the public on 
May 20, 9 a.m.-3 p.m This lighthouse is an aid to 
navigation, maintained by the U.S. Coast Guard.
    Race Point Light began operating in 
November 1816 and was one of the earliest 
revolving lights. A keeper's house was built in 
1840 and another was added in 1876; a fog 
bell was installed in 1852.


Long Point Light 
Provincetown Harbor
Provincetown, MA  02657

Location: Cape Cod Bay / Provincetown Harbor

Open: The grounds are open to the public,
but the lighthouse is 
not. Accessibility: 
Long Point is accessible in summer from 
via a boat shuttle run by Flyer's. The lighthouse 
can also bereached after a long strenuous hike 
across a rocky breakwater to Wood End, 
then across sand to Long Point. The facility: 
This lighthouse is an active U.S. Coast Guard aid 
to navigation. Station established in 1826; 
current lighthouse tower built in 1875. The 
lighthouse operates a fixed green light; the 
foghorn sounds once every 
15 seconds.