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On Cape Cod' by Dr. Dave
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A Cape Cod wedding performed for you, the way you want it to be. 
Beach weddings are very popular. How about a wedding ceremony on top of a Dune a ceremony where you ride to and from the wedding with a pedicab; or onboard a yacht in the Harbor, another popular location
Many couples are married at their lodging, in a rented motel or hotel function room, especially if you are planning over 60 guests. 

Whalers Wharf is a great place to have a 
wedding! it's right on the Bay beach but right downtown and free. We can provide a quality photographer at very reasonable rates with a one to 3-day turn-around on your hundred or more pictures. Dr. Cleveland is a fully certified .and college-trained wedding planner and can assist you in making even the smallest wedding a success. 

With 35 years as a former Justice, and as qualified, by the State of Massachusetts, as a minister. We are willing to use our vows
or to read the vows (see Vows on the menu) you have created for a combination of both. 

We are willing to meet with you before your wedding for consultation, or in large weddings a rehearsal. Our website gives you all of the legal information that you will want to know for your marriage application. 

The website has a listing, with links for most of the accommodations in Provincetown. We also have links to the transportation options to and from Provincetown from anywhere in the world. 

If you look close at the site, you will find in depth history on
Provincetown, in print and in the video. From a tourist and local view, but also the details of it's 170,000-year-old geologic history.